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We are a group of active leaders, who are capable of creating environments in which it is good to think strategically and find new ways of developing organisations. We help our clients find the root issues and the most impactful ways of solving them.

Reelika Alunurm


Reelika is the leader of DD StratLab and a former PwC Senior Consultant. Previously, she has led the development program of organizations at the BE MORE movement, has helped to launch a network of organizations and led various initiatives. Reelika is primarily interested in strategic management, teamwork and her doctoral thesis is on industry-university cooperation.

Martin A. Noorkõiv


Martin is CEO of Domus Dorpatensis and a civil society activist who has helped launch various initiatives – from TEDxTartu conferences to BE MORE movement. In addition to DD’s work, he is the head of the Council of the Association of NGOs and the Student Foundation. Martin is doing his PhD on achieving sustainable transitions.

Angela Ader


Angela works as a specialist in the Center for Educational Innovation at the University of Tartu. In addition, she has been a part of several third sector initiatives – TEDxTartu, SINA, Civil Society Week. In a strategic perspective, she considers people who are implementing the organisation’s strategy to be important, thus contributing to teamwork and leadership – to jointly achieve greater impact.

Kaisa Jõgeva


Kaisa leads the development of the DD Academy program. She believes that all problems can be solved by systematically approaching them and by finding ways to cooperate. She’s encouraged by her psychology studies, passionate about finding ways to apply knowledge of human behavior in different fields and wants to develop good environments for learning.

Toomas Tuul


Toomas is the head of DD Academy. On a daily basis, he is interested in (space) technology, history and the human mind. He has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and is currently studying Change Management in Society at the University of Tartu. Toomas’ passions are the past, the future and finding patterns.

Heidi Maiberg


Heidi is a changemaker. Constant curiosity about problems and systems encourages her to look for sustainable ways to prevent and solve them on a daily basis. Master’s studies in religious studies at the University of Tartu support her analytical and critical thinking.

Kärt Lehis


Kärt is the head of DD Academy expansion and has been in front of an audience most of her life (singing, dancing, acting). Nowadays she has switched from the stage to consulting and teaching. She makes sure to include everyone and loves to make people laugh. 
Kärt has moderated conferences, panels, group discussions and lead development projects for events and training courses. She’s worked for global companies (Bolt, NEPCon) and has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Estonian University of Life Sciences. 

Domus Dorpatensis

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