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We are a group of active leaders, who are capable of creating environments in which it is good to think strategically and find new ways of developing organisations. We help our clients find the root issues and the most impactful ways of solving them.

Reelika Alunurm


Reelika is the leader of DD StratLab and a former PwC Senior Consultant. Previously, she has led the development program of organizations at the BE MORE movement, has helped to launch a network of organizations and led various initiatives. Reelika is primarily interested in strategic management, teamwork and she is doing her PhD on industry-university cooperation in University of Tartu.

Martin A. Noorkõiv


Martin is CEO of Domus Dorpatensis and a civil society activist who has helped launch various initiatives – from TEDxTartu conferences to BE MORE movement. In addition to DD’s work, he is a member of the Council of the Association of NGOs and the Student Foundation. After a bacherlors’ in economics an masters’ in communication, Martin is doing his PhD on achieving sustainable transitions in University of Tartu.

Joanna Kurvits


Joanna used to work as an expert on youth work in the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and as a public policy specialist in the Estonian Student Unions. Before that, Joanna was the CEO of Student Foundation and worked on developing student organizations in Tartu. She is mainly interested in management, strategic management and youth development topics and issues. Joanna is obtaining a masters’ degree in “Change Management in Society” from University of Tartu.

Triin Rebbas


Triin has previously worked in the social field where her main focus was to counsel NEET-youth, also to pilot and develop the youth guarantee support system. She has experience in voluntary work, project management, and team-leading. She is interested in the topics of leadership, teamwork, and organizational culture. Triin has a bachelors’ degree in social work and social policy and she is also a certified solution-focused coach.

Karl Lembit Laane


Karl Lembit has been the President of the University of Tartu Student Body as well as its Vice-President of Academic Affairs. He is engaged with education policy within the Federation of Estonian Student Unions and in the University of Tartu Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics council. He was also a founding and honorary member of the Political Science Association. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and is currently studying philosophy on the master’s level, focusing on the history of thought.

Meri Külm


Meri works as an analyst at the University of Tartu RAKE center. She is also the Head of Personnel in DD and has previously worked with the DD Academy program. Meri is very excited if she can work with environmental issues and organizations solving them. Meri is obtaining a masters’ degree in sociology from University of Helsinki.

Kaisa Jõgeva


Kaisa is interested in change and how to accommodate it. She is also interested in democracy and its development, knowledge management, climate and environmental topics as well as innovation in education. Kaisa has a bachelors’ degree in psyhcology, a masters’ degree in “Change Management in Society” from University of Tartu and she is doing her PhD on developing democracy in University of Tartu.

Our freelancers

Hannes Leinola


Hannes works at the University of Tartu Psychiarty Clicnic. He also does communication work in DD and has previously worked with the DD Academy program. His favourite subject is building organizations that revolve around people and support workers as well as possible.

Angela Ader


Angela works as a program lead in Tartu 2024 Cultural Capital project. In addition, she has been a part of several third sector initiatives – TEDxTartu, SINA, Civil Society Week. In a strategic perspective, she considers people who are implementing the organisation’s strategy to be important, thus contributing to teamwork and leadership – to jointly achieve greater impact.

Toomas Tuul


Toomas works as a teacher in Elva gymnasium and is the head of DD Academy. On a daily basis, he is interested in (space) technology, history and the human mind. He has a bachelors’ degree in psychology and a masters’ degree in “Change Management in Society” from University of Tartu. Toomas’ passions are the past, the future and finding patterns.

Heidi Maiberg


Heidi works as the Head of Communications in University of Tartu Asian Center. Previously, she has worked with the Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation and with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In her spare time she researches deradicalization methods in the PhD program in the Royal Holloway University of London.

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