Oleme grupp aktiivseid eestvedajaid, kes oskavad luua selliseid arutelukeskkondi, kus on hea mõelda strateegiliselt ning leida viise oma organisatsiooni arendamiseks. Aitame oma klientidel tuvastada kitsaskohti ja leida nende lahendamiseks kõige mõjusamaid viise.


Developing yourself

It is a cliché, but it doesn’t mean it’s wrong – all change begins within. By becoming more than you were yesterday, you are able to achieve things you couldn’t have before.

Our program starts with helping you set your goals, find your tools of self-development and create learning habits that last.

Self management

In the Self Management module we’ll discuss how to direct our willpower and energy just where we want it, so that the habits we create will stick.


All of us are also good at some things. That’s what we'll focus on – discovering what they are and ways of developing ourselves accordingly.

Mental wellbeing

Life in the modern age is hard and lonely, a changemakers life even more so. That's why we learn to help ourselves better.



Changing the world begins with understanding it –  why it is the way it is, how it became to be like that, how it functions today and what could possibly (but also realistically) change the way any part of it is.

We learn systems thinking, modelling, argumentation and ways of seeing other people’s point of views.

Mental Models

We get to know and learn how to use different thinking techniques and discover how to avoid the biggest thinking mistakes.


We use the debating method to learn how to make good arguments and getter better at noticing different aspects of complicated social problems.

Different Perspectives

We discuss the necessity of difficult conversations, get acquainted with new techniques and try them out in real life situations.



Our largest course is meant to give our participants the practical skills that are needed in any project, team or organisation, in order to successfully achieve anything worthwhile.

This course focuses mostly on leadership and communication skills, because we believe these will help our alumni to have the biggest impact in the areas they work in.

Design Thinking

Our teams work with different organizations throughout the year and study and solve the problems they are facing.


We learn the basics of team leadership and practice leading throughout the year.

Communication Skills

We practice different parts of public speaking and common social situations.



The main purpose of DD Academy is to train young people who would be able to understand the problems of a democratic society and find good solutions to solving them.

In order to achieve that we believe a general understanding of political philosophy, social theory and other topics is necessary.

Open Society

In order to prepare the developers of democracy, it is necessary to understand where our societal concepts come from and what they mean.

Võta meiega ühendust

Aitame teil esmalt mõtestada oma vajadusi ning alles siis teeme omapoolse pakkumise lähtuvalt individuaalsetest väljakutsetest.