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Helping organisations grow their impact.

DD StratLab offers trainings, moderating and consulting to organisations with a social mission, who wish to think strategically and achieve a bigger impact with their work.

How can we help?

Our team is experienced with helping all different kinds of mission-driven organisations.

Strategy creation

We help organisations think about strategy - the problem they are solving and the impact they would like to have on the world.

Development plans

We help plan and conduct inspiring development plan creation processes so that the results actually get implemented.


We train leaders of organisations in strategy, team-leadership, involving volunteers and creating a better culture.


We facilitate meetings, seminars, panel discussions and conferences in an inspiring, but systemic way.


We help figure out difficult questions related to strategy, organisational structure, communications and more.


People in our team can speak at your event on the topics of civil society, strategy, design thinking and democracy.

How we work?

Strategic view

If you don't know where you're going, it doesn't matter how good you are. We help organisations understand their purpose.

Care for the mission

We work with organisations that we really want to see succeed. This is why we put 110% effort into helping them.

No fluff

We create environments in which people feel good and free to express their ideas. This makes awesome things happen.

Ask for on offer!

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Some who we've helped...

Thanks to DD StratLab’s thoughtful facilitation, the Food Innovation Summit went so smoothly. The day’s moderator Kärt Lehis tied the presentations of the day to a whole and kept the mood and energy of the participants high up until the end of the event. Panel discussion moderator Heidi Maiberg kept the panel skillfully on the subject and knew exactly what to ask to get the brightest ideas from the performers. If you are organizing a large international event where professionalism and fluency are crucial, we strongly recommend the DD StratLab team!

Kristina Mering


The DD StratLab team researched the management team of the Tartu Nature House, helping us to identify and solve the problems we were stuck with. Their questions focused on dealing with internal affairs, looking for causes of inconsistencies and finding solutions to them. Their dedicated and professional attitude, observations, interviews and feedback to the leader were invaluable. It was an eye-opening experience for me and helped me understand myself and my team better. Thanks to them I am a better leader today than I was yesterday.

Janika Ruusmaa


The Ministry of the Interior and the Civil Society Foundation supported the launch of the service.

Contact us

First, we try to understand your need as best we can and only then will we make our offer based on your individual challenges.