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Format update for the Commission for Sustainable Development - DD StratLab

Format update for the Commission for Sustainable Development


Project type:

Strategic process

The Government Office that supports the Government of the Republic and the Prime Minister comissioned us to assess and suggest new formats for the work of the Commission for Sustainable Development.

Objective: To propose updates and changes to the work format of the Commission for Sustainable Development based on the experiences of the members of the commission via interviews and international practices via desktop research.

12 interviews

To map out the experiences and expectations of the commission members.


We took into account a previous survey conducted on the members of the commission.

Desktop research

We analyzed and categorized the sustainable development models of various countries.


We created a report and discussed which versions of updated the update work format suggestions would be preferable.

Process: First we conducted 12 interviews with various people connected to the commission (5 current mebers, 3 current or previous chairmen, 2 Government Office representatives, 3 ministry representatives). We looked into the experiences so far with the Commission, discussed the expectations various parties have for the work of the Commission and suggestions for changes.

Next we mapped out a variety of public participation methods and formats in terms of sustainable development goals in different counties. Based on this we created an overview of options that would be most likely suitable for the Estonian model.

Based on these activities and thorough discussions with the Government Office, we proposed one main option (to imitate the Finnish work format) and several alternatives for the Commission to discuss and weigh. The full report also includes an overview of the background, current situation and reasons for these proposals.

Last we conducted a seminar where we explained the contents and suggestions made in the report and discussed the options with the Commission members.

Result: In addition to the report and seminar, where the results where discussed, there has now been a Decision by the Government of Estonia to implement several larger proposals from the report. We hope the implementation of the changes will go smoothly and that this will make for more impactful sustainable development results.

Project team:

Martin A. Noorkõiv


Reelika Alunurm


Joanna Kurvits


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