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Development plan for Estonian Youth Mental Health Movement - DD StratLab

Development plan for Estonian Youth Mental Health Movement


Project type:

Development plan

The Estonian Youth Mental Health Movement (EYMHM) wanted to create a development plan for the period 2021-2025 to develop the movement’s vitality and advocacy capabilities as well as the organisation’s structure and culture.

Objective: To develop the organisation as a strategic whole (structure, direction, management etc.) and create a development plan that would formulate its main development perspectives for the next 5 years.

4 workshops

In the workshops we enhanced the organisations’ vision and mission statements and determined the development plans for the next five years.

~80 participants

We explored the development ideas of the organisations’ members, partners and other stakeholders. We also discussed larger development plans in the field (e.g. national).

Role formulation

ometimes we need to explicitly state the purpose for which we exist. EYMHM's goal is to be the voice of Estonian youth’s mental health.

Large cooperation network

EYMHM has found a good way to realise its strategy - reaching those who need help by expanding its cooperative network.

Process: First, we mapped out the main development needs, shortcomings and opportunities within the organisation. After that, the EYMHM gathered input from its members, partners and other stakeholders on what kind of developments they wished to see in the next period.

Finally, we gathered all of the information and analysed it to pinpoint the most important development needs for the organisation. We also discussed the EYMHM’s structure in workshops and conceptualised the currently developed action model.

As a result of joint efforts we finally reached the four most important development objectives:

  1. More goal oriented action plans
  2. Strategically engaging experts in the field and communicating their suggestions
  3. Developing the organisation’s advocacy capabilities
  4. Developing the organisation’s  internal culture

Photos: DD StratLab

Tulemus: Juhtrühm tunnetas, et tehtud sai põhjalik töö, millega saab organisatsiooni kiiresti arendada. Kuigi ümbritsev keskkond ja tingimused muutuvad tihti ka vaimse tervise valdkonnas, siis valitud arengusuunad on olulised Eesti noorte vaimse tervise huvikaitse arenguks.

Project team:

Angela Ader


Toomas Tuul


Hannes Leinola


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