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Development plan for Valga Culture and Hobby Center


Project type:

Development plan

Valga Culture and Hobby Center (KHK) wished to compose a development plan for the years of 2021-2025 that would include the view of the center but would also look at the wholistic development of culture in Valga

Objective: Due to the fact that Valga Culture and Hobby Center is the cultural center for the whole parish, our main objective with this project was to create a development plan that would cover all of the important topics that the center is engaged in. What’s more, we tried to create inspiring goals paired with a practical action plan that would help the center to be the promoter of culture and social life in the parish.

3 workshops

As the center of culture in the parish, the Culture Center needs to focus on many different areas - in the workshop we discussed what topics should be prioritized.

~120 respondents

We asked for development inputs from the employees, visitors, parents, children and partners.

Center of life in the parish

The Culture Center should not only be the center of culture but also the center of social life in the parish so that Valga’s citizens would be happy to live here.

South-Estonian cooperation

Valga is one of the many local municipalities that is worried about its visibility and visitation. In cooperation with others they can develop their visibility


We structured the development plan process in a way that we could meet with the leadership and other interest groups. Firstly, in cooperation with the leadership we mapped out the main development needs, difficulties and possibilities in the center. Then we asked the opinion from the employees, visitors, parents, children and partners across the parish about development possibilities and needs.

We assembled all the information from the respondents and pinpointed the most important development focuses for the center. Throughout the process with the leadership we also included different parties from the parish to the discussion, like the parish government’s specialists from culture and education field, the deputy mayor and others.

In cooperation we found 5 important development focuses:

  •  developing cultural education and supporting the growth of culture organizers in the parish;
  •  coordinating hobby education in the parish and integrating it with general education;
  •  being the coordinating party for all institutions in the parish that are primarily involved in culture and hobby education
  •  the center of social life in Valga developing South-Estonia’s cooperation.

Fotod: Valga Kultuuri- ja Huvialakeskus

Result: The opinion of the client was that we created an ambitious yetrealistic plan. Even though the external environment and conditions are always changing, the most important development focuses are still valuable to the parish and to the center.

Project team:

Reelika Alunurm


Heidi Maiberg


Meri Külm


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