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Open Governance Principles in the City of Rakvere - DD StratLab

Open Governance Principles in the City of Rakvere


Project type:

Strategy creation

To ensure the higher quality of decision-making, transparency of governance and dialogue with its citizens, the city of Rakevere wished to develop a plan to improve open governance in the city.

Objective: To develop principles on which the city of Rakvere can base its public participation activities and map the first steps and activities for moving toward open governance.

7 topics

We mapped out different aspects of open governance in 7 main topics.

~200 respondents

We conducted a public survey among the residents of Rakvere, which had more than 200 responses.

4 focus groups

We talked to representatives from companies, the youth, nonprofits and the public.

25 proposals

We gathered the ideas into practical proposals to be implemented in the city.

Process: First, we helped map out the city government’s internal public participation processes. Then, we conducted a public survey and focus group interviews to verify and assess the processes from outside perspectives. Based on the information gathered, we composed an analytic report.

Next, we synthesised the proposals in 7 topics that the city could implement to achieve more open and inclusive governance. The proposals were, for example, to make the information on its web-page more accessible, to conduct more public deliberations, surveys regarding larger projects etc.

We also formulated open governance guidelines, that is, fundamental theses about how openness is supposed to work in Rakvere.

Photos: Aestia Koolitused, DD StratLab

Result: Open governance is definitely not a topic that could be implemented with merely one report. Still, the report and compiled proposals are a good basis for taking the next steps. The representative of the client, Andres Jaadla, considered the job professional and well done.

Project team:

Reelika Alunurm


Heidi Maiberg


Martin A. Noorkõiv


Aestia Koolitused OÜ


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