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Development plan for Estwatch - DD StratLab

Development plan for Estwatch


Project type:

Development plan

Estwatch is a non-profit watchdog organisation that works for the public interest by investigating and revealing the environmental and societal impact of companies and public institutions.

Objective: Estwatch needed to conceptualise their long-term strategy and to pinpoint the organisational developmental needs. We offered to create a two-part document, one detailing its more perennial foundations and the other describing the organisation’s specific challenges and development activities for the upcoming years.

6 workshops

We met over the span of 5 months to thoroughly discuss the strategy and developmental needs with the organisation's leadership.

A clear vision

Together with the leadership we thoroughly conceptualised what kind of impact Estwatch wants to achieve and how to do it.

Development plan

We discussed the competences needed to successfully implement the strategy agreed upon.


In addition to the strategy and development plans we also made more sense of the organisation's structure and the operative level.

Process: In DD Stratlab we believe that the prerequisites for a strong development plan and an impactful organisation are well thought-out foundations: what role the organisation intends to play to achieve this impact and what is the long-term ambition for the scope of action. With Estwatch, we began with these questions and moved, step by step, from more abstract questions toward more specific and practical ones.

The next thing to ask is what are the main competences the organisation needs and how to structure its activities. For Estwatch, these were the primary questions we approached during several workshops – we tried different ideas and tested them with very practical examples to make sure that the planned changes would bring forth such a result that would fit the leadership’s vision.

Finally, we planned  the most specific next steps and described the exact activities for the following year.

Result: The most important result is having the leadership of an organisation on the same page regarding important questions. No document will achieve anything without it. With our help, Estwatch was willing to ask itself the most difficult questions and deliberate until we reached an answer. On the basis of these answers, strategic documents were written as well as concrete plans made for the future.

Project team:

Kaisa Jõgeva


Martin A. Noorkõiv


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