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Development plan

Pärnu Kunstide Kool (PKK) soovis koostada 2021-2026 perioodiks arengukava, mis sätiks ühised eesmärgid kolmele värskelt ühinenud majale: Pärnu Kunstide Maja ning Pärnu Kunstikool koos Tõstamaa majaga.

Objective: On the one hand, Pärnu School of Arts is a new and fresh organization. On the other hand, it was combined together from three different hobby education schools focused on art. Therefore, the objective was to create a new strategy to lead the newly created organization while also preserving the uniqueness and experience of all three parties.

5 workshops

We brought together the collectives of the joining hobby education schools so that the new development plan would be inclusive and would reflect the needs of each hobby education school equally.

~200 respondents

We asked input for the development plans from teachers, students, parents, alumni and partners.

Center of arts in the area

The School of Arts is not only an arts school located in Pärnu. It represents different art types both in the local area and in the whole county.

Variety of arts

The School of Arts Proudly values that the variety of arts is connecting art, music, dance, theater and handicraft.


The development plan creation process was designed in a way that we could meet with both the leadership and the whole collective. Firstly, with the leadership we mapped out the vision and possible challenges for the three joining houses. Secondly, we asked the teachers, students, parents, alumni and partners what kind of developments they would wish to see in the new joint Pärnu School of Arts.

We assembled all the information from the respondents and synthesized the most important development focuses. Partners from the city government were also included.

Fotod: DD StratLab

Result: In the autumn of 2020 Pärnu School of Arts, which offers high quality hobby education in three buildings in Pärnu, was opened. The school’s leadership was convinced that the comprehensive solution we reached in cooperation with all the parties, the inclusively and innovatively created development plan will help the school to reach its potential as the arts and hobby education center in Pärnu.

Project team:

Kaisa Jõgeva


Toomas Tuul


Reelika Alunurm


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